I'm realising there's a subtext to much of what I'm doing on and that is this idea of finding what you most want to do with your life and doing it, or as Joseph Campbell eloquently put it: "following your bliss". For whatever reason it's not something that I've been particularly good at, and it's taken a long time to do what I'm doing now. Who knows if it is going to be successful or not. I may have just started doing this too late or, shock horror, I might just be not talented enough.

However in the process of struggling with these ideas of doing what you most want to do, I may have learnt a few things on the subject, found clues out of the ether which actually made me feel I wasn't so crazy after all. I'm starting to think if I can share those events and ideas it might help some others. Yes, I know, once a teacher, always a teacher. There's a derisory aphorism, "Those who do, do, and those who can't, teach" but I don't quite see teaching like that and prefer Richard Bach's idea, "You teach best what you most need to learn".

There will be many that land on this page and will think B******T! and that's fine, just leave. There may be some though that by some quirk of fate land here and may find some sort of support or encouragement and that would be fantastic, though I'm conscious of not wanting to appear evangelical or fanatical like so many others seem to be. No one can tell you what your "bliss" is (if such a thing exists) or how to follow it and I can only pass on what I'm tempted to believe from my own experiences and not from some ideology. Undoubtedly you will have to find your own path but perhaps somehow on the way I'll be able to convince you that you weren't so stupid (or alone) to think or feel a certain way and that you should have some faith in yourself. I'm also conscious of not appearing too strange (maybe it's too late for that) but some fairly strange things have happened to me which make me think life can be quite magical at times, though maybe it can also cynically be all put down to luck, coincedence, happenstance too.

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With Best Wishes,


March 2011

PS Of course, even if you don't think it's B******t, it could still be, and I guess the converse is true too.


Addendun#1 3rd December 2012
Actually I've recently come to the conclusion that ATWE isn't only in reference to Joesph Campbell's idea of "following your bliss", but a whole range of ideas of "following your bliss" is part. These idea are explored firther in the first instance in the blog.





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