6th August 2010

Where's Shirely Maclaine When You Need Her?

Went to the Blues Night (first Thursday of every month) at the Global Cafe last night and saw the remarkable Ben Cox-Smith play, ably supported by Howard Birchmore on harmonica (nice little solo stint by him too). If you want to see and hear authentic Delta-Blues then this is highly recommended.

Walking home and looking in the adjacent World Shop's front window, it struck me that it was in that very window (when it was the London Street Bookshop many moons ago) that I first became aware of Richard Bach and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. A book hugely influential (some say damaging) on my life. It seems weird that a book that has played such a huge part in my life would be first seen by me in a location which apparently coincedently continues to play a large part in my life. Weird. Do we have personal ley-lines?

Where's Shirley MacLaine when you need her?! (:-)


Joanne Kelly / Strawberry Sundae Radio Show

Reading DJ Joanne wrote a very nice review of a gig I did in 2012 and has played Something Wild quite a few times on her Strawberry Sunday Radio show. Later in the year I had a great interview with her which can be found here, the success of which I think was largely due to the obvious background work she did in preparation for the interview.

Understandably I'm biased because Joanne has been so favourable but I do think she does a great show if you like indie rock, hearing about upcoming bands and a lot more more besides. Strawberry Sundae is on every Sunday at 7pm for two hours. More details can be found here.