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BLOG 2010

15th March 2010

Music Business Help

Well it's been almost a month since I stopped the audio work to give my ears a rest. Some days I think there's been a big improvement, others I'm not so sure. Anyway, I'll see the doctor later (yes, I know , I should've gone earlier) just to make sure it's not due to infection and has been, as I suspect, due to over-exposure whilst I've been working. There are lots of miracle cures on the internet, all wanting you to part with your money. Of course people should be paid for the good work they do, but how can you tell which ones are bone-fide?

Talking of snake-oil merchants, whilst I've been catching up on all the administration and business side of things, I've come across a few organisations promising "success" in the music business. Some seem good, some seem bad, some I like but I'm trying to work out where the catch is. The music business has forever been known for its bad deals and rip-off merchants and along with the revolution / evolution going on, I think it is making for particularly choppy waters. I feel the old guard are obfuscating a little to protect their territories from the "new kids" who are full of enthusiasm and new ideas. In the midst of all of this I've discovered a lighthouse in Rob Cumberland's site. I really can't recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in the music business. Why the collecting agencies don't have diagrams illustrating the relationship between the different bodies as Rob does just makes me suspicious they're trying to hide something.

Anyway, time is pressing on, in fact time is running out as is the money. I've got to resume the audio work today. That's right, the day I'm going to see the doctor! But I'm going to be careful now, limit the time I spend on the audio work. Even though I've still got the ringing, I'm naive / stupid / hopeful enough to think that it's a warning (a dammed good one at that) and that it'll eventually sort itself out. No more 8 - 10 hr days. No more volumes creeping up. But if I do nothing else I've got to finish this record. I'm quite proud of what I've done and hopefully some others might like it too. Who knows what's going to happen afterwards but I just don't want to drop the ball in these final stages. I think I've got about four weeks' work de-essing my vocals which were compromising the masters and then a final remix and final master. And then it'll have to be it. Wish me and my ears luck.