24th August 2011

Looking For Clues

Hmm, I don't know if this is a good idea or not but there's a "back-story" of how I got to this point and it's being told here. The upside is that it's pulling everything together for me as I consider the next step; the downside is that everybody might consider I'm mad! I guess what tips the balance for me is that the artists I admire are the ones that reveal something of themselves. There's a degree of honesty about what they do and thereby also a risk. Unsurprisingly, I'm pompous enough to consider myself an artist, so here goes....

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Joanne Kelly / Strawberry Sundae Radio Show

Reading DJ Joanne wrote a very nice review of a gig I did in 2012 and has played Something Wild quite a few times on her Strawberry Sunday Radio show. Later in the year I had a great interview with her which can be found here, the success of which I think was largely due to the obvious background work she did in preparation for the interview.

Understandably I'm biased because Joanne has been so favourable but I do think she does a great show if you like indie rock, hearing about upcoming bands and a lot more more besides. Strawberry Sundae is on every Sunday at 7pm for two hours. More details can be found here.